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Machine tools are becoming more and more powerful. This also means that the requirements placed upon the cooling lubricant circuits in the machines are also increasing.

Voith Turbo offers an innovative system for the delivery of cooling lubricants:

The EPAF variable-speed motor pump unit with the IPNE/IPME internal gear pump which was specially developed for the delivery of low-viscosity media. Due to its renowned high efficiency, the IPME pump type is particularly suited as a delivery pump for the cooling lubricant circuit in machines with internally cooled tools. A pressure-dependent drive speed control allows cooling lubricant to be delivered as and when it is required. Pressures up to 100 bar can be generated.


Benefits that impress:




Significantly higher efficiency than in conventional cooling lubricant feed systems with screw pumps

One internal gear pump covers a considerably larger working range (pressure, delivery)

Accurate attainment of the most varied operation points of the tools (drill characteristic curve)

Less coolant and reduced cooling capacity in the cooling lubrication circuit

Improved energy efficiency

Reduced energy consumption

Lower connection power

Reduced operating costs

One internal gear pump replaces several screw pumps

Component reduction (no control valves)

Lower probability of failure

Lower and adapted speeds

Low noise emissions

Internal gear pump has a compact design

Less space required

Supply of cooling lubricant to the tool controlled by pressure

Automatic wear compensation

Automatic wear detection