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In the hydraulic press drive PSH servo pumps replaces the classic valve and control technology. This concept allows for an optimum adjustment of power and speed to the pressing process and simplifies the design of the press drive.

The complete system includes:

- servo motor pump group

- hydraulic power pack

- safety systems

- switching electronics

- sensors


- I / O peripherals

- control panel with pre-built touch screen interface

Energy use in line with the process

Compared to conventional systems, the PSH offers energy savings up to 60%. Energy-efficient, with PSH modernized systems use only as much energy as the press requires in the various phases.

The comprehensive portfolio also for modernization

Press drive PSH can be easily integrated into the press and is suitable for new installations and for retrofits. The new drive solution requires significantly less space and less oil volume than older hydraulic systems; this makes it predestined for modernizing systems (retrofits).

Running costs

The PSH concept includes low cost of commissioning, training and maintenance. The state-of-the-art sensor system provides additional diagnostic capabilities, which supports preventive maintenance and, in the ideal case, condition-oriented mai


In close collaboration of Siemens with Voith, an optimal pro­duct combination was developed for the PSH series. The in­telligent control allows a very flexible use of the press. Produc­tivity increases and the manufactured parts have a very high quality.

You can benefit from our many years of expertise with regard to managing complete drive systems. Our system specialists are on hand to support you when it comes to starting the calculation and design process, moving on to the installation


The use of proven standard components that are available around the globe and around the clock permits fast and sim­ple access to replacement parts, and, as a consequence, se­cures the high availability and productivity of the press.