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The shear systems are available in different models to cope with a large spectrum of applications . They offer excellent solutions to reduce cycle time and noise level, to achieve energy saving and avoid the installation of heat exchangers.


The main features of this system are:

  • Automatic sequencing: the blade moves automatically when the pressure achieved in the hold-down cylinders is the 70% of the accumulator pressure (advantages: time shortening, reliability);
  • Automatic switching from regenerative mode to max thrust mode: when the pressure reach the calibration level a differential valve switches to tank the oil flow coming out from the secondary cylinder without back pressure (advantages: flexibility, efficiency);
  • Smooth transition: the accumulator absorbs the kinetic energy during the transition phases and the distributor is working on the copying principle (advantages: absence of vibration, high dynamic response);
  • Fast hold down cylinder : the accumulator works together with the pump (advantages: time shortening);
  • Heat exchanger not required: design oriented to maximum hydraulic and mechanical efficiency (advantages: energetic efficiency);
  • Modularity and flexibility: the main control unit may be completed with optional units: (1) e.v. for star/triangle engine start (2) hold down cylinder pressure relief valve (3) hold down cyl. boost plate (connected to accumulator) for very fast down/normal up (4) blade hold-up system (for overhaul) (5) hold down cyl. boost plate (connected to accumulator) for fast up/ fast down;
  • Rake variation in Low Pressure: adjustment with accumulator (advantages: energetic efficiency);
  • Low noise emission: (advantages: acoustic comfort);